Fall in Love With Novigrad Sea in Autumn

Has a doctor prescribed you a trip to the seaside, but you think it might be late since it’s already fall?

We’ll let you in on a little secret. The healing power of the sea in Croatia is strong all year round.

The area of Novigrad Sea is breathtaking in Summer, but rare visitors get to witness the beauty of this part of Dalmatia when it’s at its most magical — during autumn.

Foliage transforms the seaside into a picturesque postcard-ready destination.

Poličnik, Posedarje and Novigrad offer the perfect last-minute holiday escape.

How to get the most out of autumn if you visit the region of Novigrad Sea in Dalmatia?

Sailing the Novigrad Sea

Imagine sailing the pristine turquoise sea in Croatia and uncovering thousands of islands and islets in the Novigrad Sea — most of which are accessible only by boat. The wind carries your hair, and the ship goes forward towards a memorable adventure.

Now imagine it without the heatwave, having more sailing boats to choose from, not worrying about where to dock your vessel in a marina, or having to dodge other boats in the sea. That’s what sailing is like in autumn.

The wind is favourable, and the weather is pleasant. Thousands of islets provide the most romantic fall backdrop with trees whose leaves are coloured in the most magical hues of yellow, orange and red.

Have a Cup of Tea By the Sea

But before you head out to see the Novigrad Sea from the sea, don’t miss out on the simple activities on the coast that will charge your battery the most.

There’s nothing more relaxing than sipping a warm cup of coffee or tea from the cafe overlooking the sea. 

Even if you visit on a rainy day, you can still enjoy these moments with a good book and a nice cup of tea or coffee cooling by your side.

In the autumn, the beaches are starting to get empty, with only locals brave enough to swim in the chilly autumn sea.

Wine Tour in Dalmatia During Fall

Dalmatia is known for its exquisite wine made in picturesque wineries. Autumn is when the finest Croatian grapes are harvested and bottled for generations to come.

This makes wineries the place to be if you want to drink the wine directly from the source.

Wine grapes change leaves from green to yellow, red, and brown, creating a magical scenery you can watch with a glass of local Dalmatian wine in your hand. During the fall, many people book a wine tour to experience these changes in person.

Nature Photography at Its Finest

Without many people around, you can take as much time as you need to take it all in. Watch the beauty of changing nature unravel in front of you. Or remember it forever by photographing it — without other people getting in your frame.

Combine hiking adventure with professional photography. Novigrad Sea offers many hiking trails — especially if you visit Poličnik.

Autumn is also a popular season for bird-watching before they head off and migrate to distant areas.

Tasting Local Cuisine in Autumn

Locally grown fruits and veggies (such as chestnuts and pumpkins), fresh mushrooms picked in the forest, and the catch of the day are waiting for you in cosy Dalmatian restaurants.

All you have to do is order a meal.

Warm up with authentic Dalmatian dishes that are prepared with fresh ingredients and are made following traditional recipes. Pair it with local wine, hot tea, or a delicious and warm cup of coffee.

And don’t forget to treat yourself to a dessert.

Replace Your Daily Scroll With a Stroll

Autumn in Novigrad Sea, Dalmatia, is the right time to detox from technology. How can you reduce that screen time to a minimum?

Replace it with long walks as you explore the historical cities that are made of stone and surrounded by picturesque autumn forests. Go to the beach and have an autumn picnic there.

If you like an active holiday, you can also run by the seaside, rent a scooter, or explore the area of the Novigrad Sea in Dalmatia with your bike (or rent an e-bike).

See You in Autumn

Posedarje, Poličnik and Novigrad in Dalmatia form the area known as the Novigrad Sea. All have something special to offer in the season that isn’t crowded with tourists.

Try a local dish in Poličnik with locally sourced ingredients. Discover the beauty of Novigrad, a fairy tale city made of stone. Or why not take a long relaxing walk by the beach in picturesque Posedarje during autumn?

We can’t wait to meet you there. Your cup of coffee is already brewing.