Unmissable Events in the Region of the Novigrad Sea

The region of the Novigrad Sea offers more than pristine turquoise beaches, the sound of crickets, and local restaurants serving mouth-watering Croatian delicacies.

Every year in summer, festivals breathe life into these picturesque towns and villages.

Locals cook up plenty of bucket-worthy events you don’t want to miss if you’re in the area.

Here, we selected unique annual experiences that take place in the dreamy Novigrad Sea.

Posedarje Donkey Races

People from all over the globe flock to Posedarje for the yearly Donkey races.

Do you seek an activity that will be fun for the entire family? This is one for the books.

Both locals and daring out-of-towners participate in the donkey race. Locals will lead the way and show you the ropes.

Work your way up to the main event — the iconic doney race — with competitive activities such as egg and spoon, swimming, or sack race.

See you there at the end of July/start of August.

Posedarje Tuna Festival

Posedarje is a small coastal town with a long fishing tradition.

Every year at the Tuna Festival, everyone gathers to celebrate. Skilled local chefs prepare fresh tuna-based dishes.

As the smell of grilled fish fills the air, the atmosphere gets vibrant with the Croatian a cappella groups known as “klape”. They take the stage and bring everyone together in a special evening of traditional Dalmatian music and cuisine.

Drop by at the end of July.

Fishermen’s Feast

Fishermen’s Feast in Novigrad gathers both locals and voyagers in an evening filled with music, delicious Mediterranean food, and breathtaking seafront.

If you missed the Novigrad Mussel festival, this is your second chance to try this iconic seashell.

The festival is a toast to all the fishermen who work hard to bring you the freshest catch of the day.

Book your calendar for the first Saturday of August.

Posedarje Seafood and Wine Festival

The annual Seafood and Wine Festival in Posedarje combines the three main elements Dalmatians need to get the party going: 

●    A hearty seafood meal
●    Local wine that hits the spot
●    A capella music

However, the festival is more than a party. This event is an amazing opportunity to get to know rich Croatian heritage, eat great food and meet friendly locals.

Save the date at the end of July.

Feast of John the Baptist

If you’re near Poličnik around the day locals commemorate Saint John the Baptist, why not join the yearly procession?

Walk from the old to the new church joined by singing and praying of locals who carry statues of John the Baptist.

After the procession, the community comes together to prepare a homemade feast that features fresh and locally grown ingredients.

Meet you there on August 29th.

Poličnik’s Gastro Event

Poličnik is home to many family farms.

In the annual Gastro Event in Poličnik, the sound of traditional music and aroma of homemade meals fills the air. Everyone comes together for a relaxing evening.

The best flavours of the land and sea meet on a plate. Pair it with locally grown wine.

See you there in July.

Pridraga Folklore Fair

If you’re a history or folklore buff, we have the fair for you. It takes place in Pridraga. The exhibition is an opportunity to experience unique customs, languages, and folk dance.

Pridraga’s Folklore Fair gathers participants from Croatia as well as neighbouring countries. They come together to celebrate the diversity of ethnographic heritage.

Come and hear the sound of folklore in mid-July.

Novigrad Mussel Festival

Mussels are usually the first association that most people have at Novigrad in Dalmatia. And with good reason. The Mussel Festival in Novigrad celebrates the long tradition of growing and preparing this seashell.

Organized in a dreamy coastal town right out of a children’s fairytale, the festival gathers locals and visitors in the evening where they can try authentic mussels prepared following traditional recipes.

On this night to remember, everyone celebrates flavourful Croatian cuisine, history, and natural environment that leaves you in awe.

Hope we see you there in June.

Experience Novigrad Sea Events

While you stay in the region of the Novigrad Sea, experience Dalmatia like a true local with one of the events that celebrate a Dalmatian way of life — its rich history, flavourful cuisine and unique culture.

From the catch of the day prepared in the simple and delicious meals to events such as the donkey race that will make your holiday in Dalmatia memorable, there is a little something for everyone.

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We’d love to Novigrad Sea you there. Pun intended.