Why You Should Visit the Novigrad Sea in September

Do you plan to visit Croatia in September?

The season during which you visit the region of the Novigrad Sea (whether it’s Novigrad, Posedarje or Poličnik) will shape your experience of this historic place surrounded by natural beauty.

Most people drop by during Summer. Peak months are in June, July and August. In this period, the streets come alive, beaches are crowded with visitors from all over the globe, and the sea is just the right temperature for a swim.

However, what many people don’t know is that autumn casts its own spell on the picturesque Dalmatian coast.

We share what it’s like in the Novigrad Sea for people who have an opportunity to experience the place in September.

Sunbathe on Less Crowded Beaches

A vacation on the Adriatic coast is what lures many people to Croatia. The sun’s rays during the peak of the season in Summer are perfect for freshening and getting tan while reading a book on the beach.

At the start of September, it’s still warm enough to swim in the sea. The key difference is that you can do so in a less crowded sea and relax on a more tranquil, quiet beach that isn’t packed with other visitors.

Unwind as you lay on the beach and soak up the view, swim in the pristine turquoise sea or enjoy one of the water sports — at your own pace, without the rush.

Explore the Historic Streets

Novigrad, Posedarje, and Poličnik are more than just picturesque landscapes and idyllic beaches. The area of the Novigrad Sea has a rich cultural heritage and a long history — dating back to the Bronze Age.

From the remains of the Gradina fortress in Poličnik, the 12th century Church of the Holy Spirit before Posedarje, to the fortress Castrum Novum in Novigrad, there’s a lot of history to discover.

In September, you can explore all of the sites at your own pace. Take your time and capture memories with your camera — without the overwhelming. There’s no need to rush since there are no tourists that are waiting for their turn.

This means you can also see more sights faster.

Experience Croatia in Autumn

At the end of September, autumn colours the foliage in the Novigrad Sea into different shades of red, orange, and yellow — creating a warm and nostalgic atmosphere.

Paired with the calming blue shades of the sky that meets the Adriatic Sea, the landscapes are waiting to be immortalised in captivating photos.

You can people watch from a cosy cafe while you embrace a warm cup of coffee or tea between your hands, explore the cobblestone streets as the leaves crunch beneath your shoes, or take selfies during Autumn’s long golden hour.

Plus, Autumn’s temperatures also mean that you’ll get better sleep and explore the towns without the heat wave.

Get More Time to Meet the Locals

Locals living in the Novigrad Sea are the busiest during the peak season. If you visit during Summer, they won’t have a lot of time to chat and share their experiences.

Therefore, if you want to hear some local stories and connect with people who know the place like the palm of their hand, September is the best time to visit Dalmatia.

Interactions with locals open up the door to a more authentic experience of a place because you’ll get firsthand insight into their way of life.

Book Accommodation For Less

September marks the end of the high season. If you book your accommodation in one of the places nestled in the Novigrad Sea, this means that you can stay at your dream location for a discounted price.

Also, you’ll have more options to choose from since most people return to work and children are back at school.

For those who are planning a budget-friendly trip to Croatia, September is usually the first choice. Besides the accommodation, freshly served traditional seafood in restaurants and even local souvenirs are available for a lesser price compared to the Summer months.

The Novigrad Sea Awaits For You In September

September in Dalmatia is the time the tourist season winds down, making it perfect for those who want a quieter and more tranquil vacation.

Lesser crowds, picturesque autumn landscapes and historical sights that are waiting to be explored invite visitors who come by the Novigrad Sea in autumn.

This time is for lovers of autumn and people who appreciate the cosy seasons. 

But it’s also perfect for people who want to catch the last rays of the Summer sun in Dalmatia and enjoy all the attractions for lower prices and without crowds.